Cooked food equals low mood

Cooked foods are stimulants and sedatives meaning that you may feel good for a minute when eating them but once you create mucus and acids in the body this will have an effect on your emotional and mental bodies and you will soon feel like crap. Whole cooked foods vs a SAD diet, of course, will improve your health but nothing like the raw foods.

Energy activates the nervous system and creates blood flow and circulation to the brain which helps the brain function better. Raw foods are nootropics they make you feel good. Dead foods lack energy, they are hard to digest, burn up your electrolytes, dehydrate you and in return will lower your energy and your mood!

The majority of raw foods are alkaline forming except for none sprouted nuts and seeds and your raw animal foods are not foods they are living beings that should not be eaten which means they don’t belong on the food group categories.

You must understand that your organs and glands when not functioning properly will affect your emotional body and lower your mood as a result. It’s the acids that are a problem and the lack of energy in the cooked foods.

If the food is acidic then the acids will create ash in the body and end up in your lymphatic system. If these acids don’t get properly detoxed out of your body through the skin and kidneys then they will end up in your tissue and when acids chew on your organs and glands this will cause the following reactions that will end up lowering your mood and much more.

When the parathyroid gland gets compromised from acids then this gland stops producing parathormone which is a hormone that helps the body utilize calcium. If you don’t utilize calcium properly and your body is acidic already then your body will steal calcium from bones and connective tissue to fight off acids and the result is going to lead to depression because not utilizing calcium can cause depression and this is common with mothers with parathyroid weakness after they have had a baby because they already are not utilizing calcium and the baby stealing your calcium as well can lead to postpartum depression. Another reason to clean the body with the fruit and raw food before having children so you can fix the body systemically for your greater good and to strengthen your child’s genetics as well.

Let’s say acids end up chewing on your liver!? Raw foods clean the liver and cooked foods overwork the liver and damage the liver over time. Have you ever meet a person with liver problems!? Angry people! A toxic liver can create anger problems in people. When the liver gets clean on a living foods diet people experience there temper going away and no longer deal with anger outburst anymore. If you are an angry person and have a short fuse go after to liver with herbs and fruit and see if your mood improves I’m confident it will.

If your dealing with anxiety and your always nervous and shaky and on edge then you have chronic adrenal gland weakness meaning acids and metabolic waste in the body has been accumulating in your body and they found homes in the spaces around the cells of your adrenal glands. When the adrenal glands go down you lose Neurotransmitters and you stop producing chemicals that keep you calm and feel good like dopamine and serotonin and many more. Cooked foods will only weaken your adrenal glands and chemicals and stimulate, stress and toxic environments as well.

If your nervous system is compromised and your adrenals are down then your mood is going to suck and the anxiety will lower your mood. Cooked foods may sedate you but this is only a temporary bandaid because the result will weaken your adrenal glands more and the result will clog up the kidneys as well because the adrenal glands are attached to the kidneys and if you don’t filter waste out of the lymphatic system you will back it up with acids and metabolic waste and when the glands go down and they fail to produce steroids and hormones your mood will be affected as a result.

Raw foods better your mood especially the fruits, berries and melons and the cooked foods lower your mood. It’s simple the more acidic you become the lower mood you will have. The more hydrated you are and alkaline then the better your mood will be. Your happiness will be found with spirituality and nature. Raw foods are natural and cooked foods are not it’s really that simple. Cooking is survival not essential. I’m just speaking the truth and I am not a purest ether. I do eat cooked foods sometimes but when I do I also experience a lower food vs when I am 100% raw and basing my consumption on mainly fruit.

Get back to nature my friends, get back to the diet your biologically designed to eat, tap into your intuitive consciousness, let your instincts guide you, surrender to the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian