Coconut Kefir why You Should Be Drinking More Of It

The word kefir is derived from the Turkish word “keyif,” which means, “feel good” or “good feeling.” Most people are familiar with milk kefir, which is similar to a drinkable yogurt, but not too many people know what coconut kefir is.

What Is coconut kefir?

Coconut kefir is a fermented beverage made from raw coconut water. It contains all the beneficial probiotics you find in traditional milk kefir while offering the benefits of raw coconut water, which is rich in hydrating electrolytes and other health-promoting vitamins and minerals.

The magical thing about coconut kefir is that the fermentation process transforms the sugar content of coconut water into lactic bacteria (probiotics).

Here are some reasons you might want to be consuming coconut kefir water regularly.

It’s hydrating.

Raw coconut kefir contains vital minerals that hydrate the body on a cellular level, including potassium, sodium, chlorides, calcium and magnesium.

Research has found raw coconut water to be sterile, meaning it can be safely added into the bloodstream without harm. There are even stories of injured soldiers using raw coconut water for blood plasma transfusion during the Vietnam War.

This is because the mineral profile found in coconut water is very close to human plasma. This makes coconut water an incredible food for optimal hydration.

It’s good for your kidneys.

The high levels of potassium in raw coconut water make it effective for treating kidney stones. Kidney stones are just a symptom of improperly functioning kidneys. In order to function properly, the kidneys need potassium.

The kidneys manage fluids in the body, which means they are a determining factor in how well we stay hydrated. An adequately hydrated body is tied to nearly every physiological function in the body. For example, diarrhea is often a result of dehydration and poor kidney function.

Coconut water has been shown to improve diarrhea in children by nourishing the kidneys and properly hydrating the body.

It’s heart healthy.

Research shows coconut water could be effective in preventing against heart attack and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

It protects you from bad bacteria.

There are over seven different strains of healthy bacteria and yeast in coconut kefir (if you’re using a starter culture). These healthy bacteria and yeast balance the bacteria in our bodies, preventing the overgrowth of pathogens and opportunistic bad bacteria and yeasts.

It reduces cravings.

The slightly sour taste, hydrating minerals and probiotic bacteria in coconut kefir make it a great remedy for food cravings, especially sugar cravings.

There’s also research about the connection between gut imbalance and alcohol dependency. With proper detoxification and repairing of the gut bio, individuals where able to recover from alcohol dependency.

This suggests that having a gut with plenty of healthy bacteria might inhibit certain cravings. Consuming coconut kefir is one way to provide to gut with plenty of detoxifying and healing probiotics.Ready to learn more about how to unlock the power of food to heal your body, prevent disease & achieve optimal health .