Doctors are only the mechanics of the human body. They fix what is wrong and will not see you in most cases until the damage is done. They don’t come to you when you are healthy and pat you on the back for eating right and exercise just as they do not knock on your door when the dinner menu is meat and dairy…

Hippocrates said it best 100’s of years ago, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” This was long before doctors drove around in Mercedes and vacationed at beach homes and ski condos several times a year. Doctors used to influence people to live a healthy lifestyle but now doctor’s agenda is to lure you into an expensive medical procedure and get you hooked on prescription drugs that are lobbied by cash-rich pharmaceutic companies that thrive on human disease.

It is the general consensus that healthcare is expensive and if your illness doesn’t kill you, your doctor and hospital will break you financially. I don’t know what is worse, being sick or being broke? The repercussions are the same for both being sick and being broke – “miserable.”

Now, that is the doom and gloom, here is the good news – “Veganism.” Whole organic grains like wheat berries, whole barley, farro, buckwheat, and quinoa will boost your immune system, increase your intake of plant-based protein and calcium and important nutrients to maintain pristine health. Organic beans like mung, adzuki and garbanzo are loaded with protein, antioxidants, and vitamins with anti-cancer and anti-heart disease components. Organic fruits and vegetables offer minerals, enzymes and nutritional value that extends life and health. Living foods enhance life in your body.

We have only one life, one heart, one kidney, one lung, one liver…well, you get the picture, There are no replacements parts for our body, unlike your car. Meat, dairy, and processed foods attack your healthy vital organs. Drugs don’t provide you with nutrition — they only block or fool the body into believing, on a temporary basis, that something is balanced. Dead foods and drugs are foreign to your body and cause havoc and eventually will kill you.