About a week ago, one of my subscribers opted out of my email mailing list, leaving a message which said; “a raw food diet information is not relevant to a WFPB diet”, and I thought: wow, really?

> some of the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet as opposed to WFPB

> st itself, which means your body uses less energy to digest and eliminate what it ingests, freeing up much vital energy for other various tasks such as healing and cleansing. As a result, your energy levels skyrocket to unimaginable heights on raw foods, unbeaten by any other diet.

> ism of the body can be more effective while we eat naturally occurring foods – raw fruits and vegetables, and not artificially prepared meals, such is the case of most cooked food.

lifood destroys many nutrients in foods li renders food toxic li cancer risk (Acrylamide)

< to overeat cooked food