What’s the difference between black and pink Himalayan salt ?

Himalayan rock salt (Himalayan rock salt) is a stone of salt. There is a birthplace of the Himalayas in Pakistan. It is pure salt caused by the evaporation of ancient sea water over 250 million years ago. It is also rich in 84 minerals. The kind that accumulated since the ancient world is considered the best natural salt.

There are 2 types of Himalayan salt stone.
1. pink salt stone (Himalayan pink salt)
2. black salt stone (Himalayan black salt)

Pink salt stone (Himalayan pink salt)

Which is caused by iron. It’s important that it’s mixed in salt crystals.
The salt stone texture is quite rough, but easy to dissolve water fast, salty, sweet, no smell, no bitter stick.
It’s often cooked and sprinkled on a finished meal. It helps to treat the taste. Cleaning food, beauty spa, scrubbing powder, scrubbing body, or mixing warm feet to relax. Bake in the salt room to take care of breathing.

⛰ Black salt stone (Himalayan black salt) called black salt or gala cuddle k

This dark black shade of salt stone is from the sulfur (sulfur) elements mixed in large quantities of salt.
Sometimes it’s called volcanic rock salt rock salt)
Salty and sweet taste too
But black salt stone will have the angry smell of velvet cuddle am. Kick the nose like the smell of horse piss egg or the smell of hot spring.

Popular to cook in South Asian groups such as Indian, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indian language. Call this salt cuddle k (Kala namak)

South Asian people often crushed black salt rocks into powder. Seasoned in food and snacks or mixed into various spices.
Approximately 25 % less salty than normal ocean salt.

Medical part. Black salt stone is used as Ayurvedic medicine.

Help vent. Make digestion system work well. Reduce gas in the intestine.

Help anti-oxidant, remove toxins from the body.

Due to high sulfur elements, it helps nourish skin, hair, nails.

It’s valuable for food seasoning and health therapy.