Traditional Jamu @ Thalassa Nutrition

Traditional Jamu, Indonesian traditional herbal drink, is one of the most prominent alternative medicines in Indonesia. It originated some 1,300 years ago in the Mataram Kingdom in Central Java, and it is heavily influenced by Ayurveda, a system of Hindu traditional medicine.
Many Jamu come in bright orange in color, while others are green or even black, depending on the ingredients. A Jamu blend may be prepared from any combination of herbs used, giving it hundreds of variations. With centuries of practices, specific kind of Jamu can be made for specific purpose, from common health issue like Masuk angin to serious illness like diabetes and cholesterol.
Until today, most traditional Jamu drinks are made with traditional techniques by smashing the ingredients and pestle-pummeling, with the recipes passed down generations upon generations. Generally, Jamu ingredients are roots and spices like turmeric, ginger, or tamarind that you can easily find in the traditional market as bumbu dapur. However, there are also specific ingredients used in certain types of Jamu such as noni (mengkudu), cabe puyang (long pepper), temulawak (curcuma), and many more. These ingredients are excellent sources of enzymes, coupled with strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antiseptic properties.

We at Thalassa Nutrition make 8 Jamu good for all of us and children for cholesterol food craving lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, increase appetite warms the body maintaining stamina and immunity. Lower back pain, sore muscles, cramps, and improve the production of red blood cells. Young ladies and women to heal yeast infection, relieve menstrual pain, and alleviate cold and fever. Some Jamu can be very bitter!