The lymphatic system

When your sewer system backs up every room in your house gets damaged

If you have an issue in your body you must understand that you are dealing with systemic problems from head to toe. You don’t just have a “thyroid” problem because let’s say you do understand that your lymph system has been backing up from your kidneys to your thyroid due to lack of kidney filtration and a diet that breaks down the kidneys that cause this issue. The thyroid let’s say is expressing symptoms of dysfunction other than other areas of the body because that happens to be tissue in your body that is the most genetically weak so that’s an area that is expressing more symptoms but this doesn’t mean that you are not involved with health problems in other areas of the body and when fixing the thyroid lets say you want to address the body’s entire system that is backed up which is the lymphatic system or sewer system of the body.

You need to remodel every room in your house, not just one because you can’t remodel your house by just addressing one room in the house when there are many. If you try to address one area you will end up trying to mask symptoms or suppress them.

If you move the lymphatic system through the process of hydration and alkalinity and go on a diet of fruit (astringents) you will move the lymphatic system and open up the kidneys, bowels, and skin and you can drain the body’s sewer system and the septic tanks in the rooms of your house will drain and the body will heal on a systemic level because remember you don’t just have a singular health problem because acidosis is not a singular problem it’s a systemic problem and this is why you don’t focus on “treatment” but rather regenerative detoxification and the entire body will heal and repair because that’s how the body heals by nature.

Cleaning out your lymphatic system is a fruit diet experience along with fasting and herbal botanicals. It’s not a diet of veggies, nuts, seeds, and cooked foods it’s a fruit diet when you are trying to clean, enhance and repair the body on a systemic level because acids are backed up on an interstitial level throughout the body if you have issues on certain locations of the body and if you don’t get your kidneys filtering, skin sweating and clean out the bowels properly your lymphatic system will remain stagnant and when acids stay at home the tissue cannot regenerate and without hydration and creating alkalinity in the body then acids will dehydrate the body and burn up electrolytes and also damage cells within the body creating a state of dis-ease.

It’s rare for a person to have one problem when their health shuts down because like I said when the sewer system in the human body backs up every room in the house gets compromised and this is why you deal with a list of symptoms, not just one symptom and if it was me I would address the cause of the symptoms rather then just trying to suppress the reactions that are caused by stagnant acids constipated amongst cells in spaces and acids not going anywhere. When the kidneys go down and stop filtering metabolic waste don’t come out through the process of urination and sweat through the skin and if the channels do not open-up then acids and toxins don’t come out and when you pull acids out the body can regenerate damaged tissue caused by acids and you regain health and symptoms go away.

Move lymph with fruit, herbs, and dry fasting and you can drain your sewer system and septic tanks and this is how you fix your dis-ease because the root cause of most man’s problems is the lymphatic system backed up and the eliminative organs damaged. If you stop putting toxic chemistry on your skin and you stop consuming chemistry through drink, smoke, and food consumption you will with time fix your damaged body and a diet of fruits, berries, and melons is a diet that is highly alkaline and promotes the process of hydration which allows the body to detoxify and regenerate.

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biologically design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Jonathon RA Stearns