Cyst, boils, pimples, and tumors, what are they?!

All these symptoms that take place in the body point to lymphatic stagnation in the body. Cyst, boils, pimples, tumors and the like are simply just pockets of acid fluid. Acids trapped in interstitial spaces around cells and not being filtering out of the kidneys and skin. This is a sign that your body is highly acidic and you are not eliminating your waste and you continue to create waste within the body.

If you don’t support your glands, and eliminative organs with the alkaline side of chemistry then mucus and calcification will clog up these channels and your waste will accumulate and eventually express this dis-ease within the skin. The body is simply trying to take out the trash because your body is failing to get rid of the trash because you are dehydrated systemically under the acid sky. Mucus and calcification are accumulating around cells in the tissue to protect tissue from being damaged by acids.

When the lymphatic systemic is not congested to saturation level then the skin can breath and when the kidneys filter acids won’t accumulate in cells and water, lymph waste and mucus won’t have to build up to buffer the acids that damage cells. Fruits and vegetables don’t create an acid ash in the body that break down the lungs, kidneys, bowels, and skin and this is why you don’t get damaged cells and tumors under the alkaline sky.

elons and herbs that support the kidneys, adrenals, and bowels and time restricted dry fasting in the evening until the next day 6pm-10,12pm will help the kidneys relax so they filter the acids and metabolic waste materials out of the body. You must hydrate and alkalize the body to regenerate damaged cells or your mask, suppress symptoms and play Russian roulette with your health.

cut open your body and pour more acids on already damaged cells and this is normal? And nobody questions what “cancer” actually is!? It’s a damaged cell and acids damage! Radiating and chemo “therapy” is acids and this is why the body soon shuts down after these treatments and more degenerated cells occur throughout the body. chemotherapy which has a pH of about 3 highly acidic. Sure it may kill cancer cells, but it kills everything else too. They may as well throw you on fire, burn you to death, and say that they killed cancer.