Turmeric is a prized spice around the world, and is best known for its vibrant color. But it has a lot more to offer than color and flavor; turmeric is also an extremely potent superfood with a myriad of health-boosting benefits and medicinal uses. With so much to offer, turmeric is definitely something to consider for your prepper arsenal.

It’s commonly assumed that turmeric’s parent plant, Curcuma longa, isn’t a good choice for preppers because it can be hard to grow outside of its native climate in India. But, some experts are now saying that with the right conditions, Curcuma longa can indeed be grown in alternate climates. For preppers interested in growing their own medicinal herbs, this is great news.

h ld flower sometime in the mid-fall. Experts caution that Curcuma may come up late in the spring, but not to let that be discouraging. The roots also tend to send up new shoots later than most.

–your Curcuma longa garden on the right track, it won’t take long to be able to reap the rewards of having your own source of turmeric. Once you dry out the roots and rhizomes for grinding, you’ll have a steady supply of a highly prized spice and superfood.