Juice fasting is a cleansing technique largely popularized in the mid 1930’s by Dr. Norman Walker, one of the first pioneers in the arena of vegetable juicing, author of the book entitled “Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices” and inventor of the Norwalk Juicer.

Presently becoming an accepted modern-day cleansing and detoxification technique, juice fasting basically involves the abstinence from eating solid foods for a number of days in a row, adhering to a diet of freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice.

Many health experts agree that fasting on liquid juice is one of the most basic and effective dietary regime’s you can adhere to when feeling off-balance, sick, constipated, fatigued or stressed. It is often valued as one of the top ways to normalize digestive functions as well as renew and repair other bodily systems that are blocked up as a consequence.

Periodic fasting is one of the oldest methods for alleviating many physical aches, pains and various health conditions. Benefits can be achieved by drinking juices for breakfast or between meals throughout the day, but deeper cleansing is known to occur when juices, particularly those low in sugar and high in chlorophyll content, are consumed exclusively for a period of time.

With extended juice fasting, the liver, kidneys and colon are further able to process toxins and undigested waste material that can overload normal biological functions.

Because drinking fresh pressed juice still engages the digestive system, offering a supply of nutrients to the body, most people feel quite energized when consuming nothing but raw juice for many days in a row. Aside from arduous physical activity, the average person is usually able to perform normal everyday life activities, especially once potential detox reactions pass.

While intermittent juice fasting, anywhere from one day to several weeks, can be a beneficial way to rejuvenate the body and restore health, it is not recommended for growing children and pregnant or nursing mothers. We also highly advise consulting your healthcare provider before undertaking a fast if you are taking prescription drugs, are diabetic or have a serious health condition.

What is Detoxification?

As long as we are living with a functioning liver, colon and kidneys, the body is always in some state of detox, filtering out wastes and toxins. This is what these organs are designed to do. However, an accumulation of toxic substances can occur over time from unhealthy lifestyle habits, dietary excess and/or environmental pollutants we are all invariably exposed to on a daily basis.

This toxic waste build-up can impair health and create a chronic condition of low to high grade toxemia that can cause disease and a variety of health related issues.

Juice fasting helps to support the efficiency of these aforementioned cleansing organ systems.

Detoxification is a branch of alternative medicine that believes that when certain foods are eliminated from the diet, the body is more effectively able to pull out stored pollutants from the cells and tissues.

The process of detoxification also involves a phenomenon known in physics as “diffusion.” This process is accurately described in an article published by the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, “If we lessen the amount of toxins in the blood through dietary change, fasting, and other processes, the law of diffusion tells us that the toxins concentrated in the cells begin to flow back into the extra cellular fluid. Toxins are diffused into the blood stream and then go to the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, lymph, and skin systems – where they are eliminated.” 

Juice fasting is still regarded as a controversial subject not yet entirely researched and supported by most of the mainstream medical community, yet all one need do is attempt it for 1-3 days and the process becomes quite clear and evident. Fasting works with the body’s natural biological flow and helps to facilitate health and healing when given the opportunity to do so.

In the words of health educator Paul Bragg, “Our bodies have a natural self-cleansing for maintaining a clean, healthy body and our “river of life” – our blood. It’s essential we keep our entire bodily machinery from head to toes healthy and in good working order so nothing breaks down! Fasting is the best detoxifying method. It’s also the most effective and safest way to increase elimination of waste buildups and enhance the body’s miraculous self-healing and self-repairing process that keeps you healthy and youthful.”