How Often you see repeating numbers? It Is Not A Coincidence

Now, if you look at your clock and see these numbers 2:22, 3:33, 11:11, 12:12, then this is the universe trying to alert you to something, it is crucial that you listen.

Numbers that appear like that are no coincidence. They bear secret information from the world beyond.

They attest to a deeper understanding of our lives that we often don’t notice during the daily hustle and bustle of life.

One of the most valued numbers are 11, and when it is in the form of this 11:11, then its significance is even higher.

The numbers above say that your cell memory is activated.

What this number does is activate your memory to remember something that you can’t recall. The 11:11 is a number that tells you that you are doing the right thing and that you are in tune with a higher reality.

This number also points to some divine connection between the terrestrial world and the spiritual world. It is crucial that you notice when this event takes place. They are special times, and they are charged with spiritual energy.

When you notice this happening, it is essential that you make a wish or stay still and be in the moment. Feel the forces of the higher reality. As you do that, see if you can recognize the boundary between the real and the unreal. Trying to do this will help you concentrate on seeing beyond the physical realm and when you do that you will realize that everything is in some way connected. The seen and the unseen.

If you see the numbers 11:11, it means that you are about to feel the unconditional love that has made you a being. And with this, you now can become alive and one with your consciousness. That would help get answers to the deeper questions that you have always asked. These questions could include ” What is the purpose of the human race on earth?” ” What role do I play towards helping the human race get closer to that goal or purpose?” Remember that we can only get fulfillment when we offer our service to others.

Now, the epiphanies that you would get from such a fantastic experience can’t be explained in words. It has more to do with feeling an atmosphere of incredible events. Such events can lead to the activation of the third eye, also known as the chakra.

These significant numbers all have deep meanings, and these meanings have to do with all the steps of levels of our spiritual sojourns on this terrestrial planet.

11 shows that we are being born into some kind of new beginnings. It is encouraging us to restructure our lives to fit our pursuit of goals that we cherish. The goals that existential questions lead us to and when we pursue this dreams we would find genuine and long-lasting happiness.

Here is the foundation for the code that you’re learning if you want to start reading the signs you’re getting “by the numbers.”

Seeing 1’s – new beginnings, focus on the positive, you’re manifesting what you think about so clean up your thoughts! Also is oneness with God or the Universe and feelings of unity.

Seeing 2’s – this is the energy of balance, partnership, of bringing the masculine and feminine energies together. It’s a message that all is well. Trust and patience is required. Right action, healthy emotional boundaries, and love are required. It can also be telling you that something in your life is out of balance.

Seeing 3’s – represents the trinity of mind/body/spirit. It’s bringing you a spiritual message. This is your sign from the higher source that you believe in – God, Buddha, Jesus – whatever you believe in. It’s also the energy of communication, joyful self-expression, and emotional sensitivity. It’s telling you to live “in joy” as much as possible.

Seeing 4’s – this number indicates the opportunity to grow in perfect balance with a partner. If you see this number, your guides are assuring you that they hear you and are helping and supporting you. It can indicate hard work is needed to achieve a goal and that you’re either craving security or feeling boxed in by limitations. The message: Cultivate flexibility.

Seeing 5’s – this is the number of change! It’s telling you that change is occurring – and it’s always for the better and in line with your personal and spiritual evolution. Embrace change, let go of the old, and tap into your sense of adventure.

Seeing 6’s – this is the number of guidance, duty, service, and love. You might be feeling worried about something in you life when this number shows up. It’s the Universe’s way of telling you to relax. “Worrying is like sitting on a rocking chair. It may give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.” This number is a teacher of truth.

Seeing 7’s – this is a mystical and “lucky” number. It marks both beginnings and endings. Think of it in terms of the 7 chakras, 7 days of the week, 7 days to create the world, and so on. Lucky number 7 . . . when you see this number, you’re being given the message that you’re on the right path and whatever happens will exceed your expectations.

Seeing 8’s – this is the money, power, and abundance vibration. It’s also the number of cosmic consciousness and Infinity. If this number shows up it’s telling you that there is an endless supply of abundance in the world. It’s telling you to step into your power and make it happen.

Seeing 9’s – this is a sacred number in Numerology. It’s all about completions, letting go of the old to make room for the new. It’s about finishing, saying good-bye, and moving forward with open arms. As Tom Stoppard says: “I look on every exit as an entrance to someplace else.” This is a sign to hop to it and get to work on your higher sense of purpose. No lolly-gagging in indecision and procrastination. Start taking the steps to manifest your higher sense of self.

Overall, when you see repeating numbers, the Universe is giving you recognition and validation that you’re on the right path OR it’s giving you a warning and a “heads-up” to clean up your thoughts and align more consistently with your sense of purpose.

Source: wonderneed