have been doing a lot of research on the actual benefits of juicing and blending fruits and vegetables. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a renowned heart specialist and nutritional, is a strong advocate not to juice and blend fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn says that the fructose separated from the fiber is too rapidly absorbed and will compromise your health. You lose the enormous health value of fiber best obtained eating the vegetable and fruit. Your juicer does unnaturally what your body is designed to do naturally – To absorb nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and minerals accompanied by the fiber.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn says that drinking fruit juice is equivalent to pouring the sugar bowl down your throat. It is fine to eat the whole fruit but avoid at all cost to drink the juice extracted. He says to avoid smoothies too. The fiber is so finely pureed and rapidly swallowed without the benefits of mixing with helpful bacteria in the mouth. The sugar is separated from the fiber of the fruit, bypasses salivary digestion and results in a surge of glucose. The fructose enhances inflammation, hypertension and endothelial injury. Chewing your food is absolutely essential.

Chew your food, do not drink it. To get that amylase in the saliva flowing, amylase is an enzyme found in the saliva that helps to digest starches & separate out glucose for storage & usage, it is essential to eat your food, not break the molecules down into a fine liquid, thus pouring it down your throat. By drinking smoothies, you tend to add more fruit and consume dangerously unhealthy large quantities of sugar and calories.

I suggest eating your fruit and vegetables. You will digest naturally what your body intends to do best and allow the process of breaking down the enzymes, fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants done by your body, not a machine.

Your body only uses what it needs. I know the concept of juicing five pounds of vegetables and fruits appears on the surface to jolt your body with a concentrated large quantity of nutrients. You could not possibly eat five pounds of vegetables and fruit, but you fan certainly condense all of that into a 32-ounce glass of juice. But, in reality, your body will immediately reject the impact of all the liquid and in turn, it will impact your vital organs and compromise your health…

I know you are all scratching your head as I used to be a huge supporter of juicing and blending. But these new revelations make sense to me and I actually feel better chewing my food and not drinking it. When I juice and blend my food, I consume quite considerably more food than I would if I just ate it. I digest more calories, quantity, and sugar without the value of the fiber and the saliva naturally produced by my body to deliver the food to my vital organs……..

You have to be aware that the so-called “health guru’s” that are hocking the benefits of juicing and blending rely on you to buy their blenders and juicers and books as it is their job to convince you to buy their products, that is how they make their money…

None of those “guru’s” are doctors or bonafide nutritionists or scientist. They are entrepreneurs that see an opportunity to sell their goods to a vulnerable audience that is seeking for the fountain of a youth and quick fix. They are not regulated by the FDA for the unproven claims they so irresponsibly proclaim, so they say whatever it takes to reach into your wallet. The juice shops cannot make money just selling you the individual fruit and vegetable so they too concoct these “miracle blends” that are no more a miracle than “snake oil” in the days of the wild west… Through the history of mankind, humans have been searching feverishly for the “fountain of youth,” only to realize after they spend tons of money and get sick that there is no such thing as a fountain of youth.

The healthiest places in the world are called Blue Zones. They are The Italian island of Sardinia, Okinawa, Japan, Loma Linda, California., Costa Rica’s isolated the Nicoya Peninsula, Ikaria, an isolated Greek island. I have been to all of the Blue Zones and trust me on this. None of these people have expensive juicers or blenders or do they buy overpriced superfoods or do they take vitamins, They only eat food that is grown in their backyard that they share with their neighbors and community. These people that live in their 90’s and 100’s love what they do, they are passionate about their contribution to their community, they have a strong bond with their family, friends, and neighbors, they have a purpose in life, they believe in God or the sun or something that is spiritual, they walk everywhere, they love life and they are content with what they have. They never wish for anything they do not have and for the holidays and festivals they share with each other stories, food, and handmade gifts… They do not have Amazon or shopping malls or Whole Foods. They have each other and they would not trade their life for all the money and fancy cars and 10,000 square foot homes and yachts and Nordstrom’s credit cards or $300 distressed G-Star Raw jeans in the world.

The fountain of youth is best found in the organic produce section of your favorite natural food store and farmers market. The fountain of youth is eliminating stress, to surround yourself with people that are positive, living in an area that is non-toxic and polluted, enjoying your job that you look forward going to and developing a close bond with family, your community. and believing in yourself

Do your own research, listen to your body and come up with your own conclusion. I came up with mine – To eat my food in its most natural state as it was intended to do and allow my body to absorb my food naturally, as it is intended to do. Machines are not natural and they should never take the place of what your body does so eloquently and so precisely and so naturally… thank you Doug for the info